Monday, December 13, 2010

Ricardo Cavalo's Whimsical Tattoo-esque Illustrations, Pinocchio, and A Dashboard Confessional Ten Year Reunion

Inspiration of the day: The most recent illustrations on Ricardo Cavalo's blog. This Spaniard is also a tattoo artist, which you can see evidences of in the style of his illustrations. They've got that classic tattoo art feel, but they're so much more magical and whimsical. Most look like tattoo renditions of scenes out of Tim Burton's Big Fish. If I were in a bathroom stall right now I would write "Check out this site for a good time." It's that worth it.

- Amy
Listening to "Living In Your Letters" by Dashboard Confessional.

Don't judge me. This was the soundtrack to my 8th grade year! And any of you who deny that you ever liked a little Chris Carrabba every now and again are lying through your teeth. Pinocchios. Which reminds me, my friend Blythe informed me on Friday that DC was going on a reunion tour. I laughed and said, "I loved them once, but that was long ago." (I mean does anyone like his current material? Not good.)

Then she told me, "It's called the Swiss Army Romance 10 Year Reunion Tour." "I'm there," I said.

My Youth.

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  1. Oh lying here. I still enjoy a good emo session with the Chris and the boys.


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