Monday, December 20, 2010

Circus Elephant Illustrations, Hilary Knight, and Where's Waldo

Here's a fun little illustration I did for the Kid's Coloring page in The OC Gazette magazine. It's kind of Eloise-y in style. I loved that book growing up. Hilary Knight's illustrations were so detailed with little jokes and hilarities hidden throughout for the critical eye. I like illustrations like that where even the background is carefully planned out. Kind of like a Where's Waldo. Another one of my favorite books growing up. My illustration isn't as clever or intricate, but I was only working with 30 minutes, so be merciful.

Inspiration of the day: Hilary Knight.

- Amy
Listening to: Johnny Cash's "I Got Stripes"


  1. hilary night is the bomb! that book was so great

  2. 30 minutes? You are possessed. The tricycle alone looks like hours. Possessed!

  3. My first visit to your blog! Again, SO impressed with not only your art skills but your media optmization skillzzz. Keep up the great work!!

  4. Jen, you know where it's at.

    JJ, I work best under extreme duress. I had to have this drawing done in 30 minutes because we were uploading the file to the printers in that span of time. This method of creating will probably lead to ulcers or heart murmurs or bad chi in the future. haha!

    Cameron, welcome to my humble abode! I hope you come back! You've got to get a blog up with your photography so I can check it out!

  5. amy, i LOVE eloise! you should channel hilary knight when its time to illustrate my story....! please? :]


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