Friday, September 23, 2011

Kit Kats, Fall TV, & Pavlov Conditioning

Last week I bought a bag of Kit Kats and realized just how little self-control I possess. Hours of Fall Premiers mixed with Kit Kat minis is not a good combination for a lady's figure. In order to quell my welling guilt, I starting working out while eating said chocolate in front of said shows. I think this plan has backfired - like spitting into a strong wind. Now I find that every time I work out, I want chocolate. I think this is a real life example of Pavlovian Conditioning. Sure swimsuit season is almost over (sigh) and soon these warm, fall, SoCal days will turn into grey, dreary, cold ones (even heavier sigh), so I can now hide under layers for a while. But I've realized recently that I'm not a young chicken anymore. Thunder thighs and flying squirrel arm flaps are in my future if I don't take care now and just make some minor tweaks to my sugar ridden diet. I can't give up In-N-Out, or bourbon chocolate milkshakes - and I most certainly cannot give up coca-cola. So, rather, I vow to try to eat these things in moderation. One coke a day. More vegetables. More bike rides. More laughing. Ok, maybe not more laughing seeing as I do quite enough of that already. More cartwheels. More getting chased. Reconditioning my Pavlov Conditioning. Take that Pavlov.

- Amy
Listening to: "After All" by Cher and Peter Ceterra. (It's catchy, okay?)

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