Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bourbon Chocolate Milkshakes, Hot Days, & Suits

[ The ingredients: Notice my name on everything. The joy of living with housemates. ]

Today was way too hot. The temperature gauge in my car read 100 degrees. That's just out of hand. In that kind of weather it's too hot to move, too hot to wear a bra (there is NOTHING worse than having sweaty boobs in a bra - TMI? Probably. True? Definitely.), too hot to fix your hair, and too hot to eat anything that's not frosted or frozen. So what's the only thing left to do? Wear the least amount of clothing that is legally and socially acceptable, put a hat on, make milkshakes, and veg out to some good tunes/netflix. Jen and I did this in the high heat of the day today, but we didn't make just any milkshakes; we made bourbon, fudge milkshakes. They're refreshingly delicious. The iciness mixed with the bourbon gives it a real kick so you don't get too sleepy (unless you're drinking on an empty stomach - then watch out). We enjoyed ours to a few episodes of Suits, the new legal dramedy starring Gabriel Macht. We can't get enough of that show, or Harvey Specter. He's so pleasantly pompous. 

Here's how I made the shakes. Did I mention they were incredibly delicious? Because they were. 

- Amy
Listening to: Neko Case's "Pretty Girls"

1 cup Vanilla ice cream
2 oz. bourbon (if you don't want it too strong, use a little less - I used 1.5 oz.)
2 oz. of chocolate (we did more - mmmmm)
and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract if you don't want it too bourbon-y

1. Scoop.

2. Pour.

3. Squeeze.

4. Blend. Serve.

5. Enjoy. Veg. 
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