Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Denim, Denim, & Denim

[My Jean on Jean ensemble.]

I really like all this jean on jean action. What says "true American spirit" like denim? It's the uniform of the hard working, the adventurous, the ones with a little dirt under our fingernails. Not only is it made for tough work, but it's the staple for comfort and relaxation. Versatility.

I loved those Gap 1969 ads where they mixed different washes of jean in an outfit. That always seemed so taboo to me before, wearing jean on top and bottom. But when those ads came out, my world was opened up. I mean look at these guys and gals. They're cool, rugged, and classy all at once. This is why no matter what fads and styles each decade ushers in and out, denim is always the one thing that remains relevant.

[Lovely Gap Jeans Ladies]

[Josh Hartnett pulling it of swimmingly. Fellas, don't be scurred. Nothing like a man in denim.]

Every time I see the new "Go Forth" campaign for Levis I crave more jean in my life. Next up - a Levi's jean jacket. Let's see how much jean I can really get away with. I mean Ryan Adams probably sleeps in it. Here's my jean on jean look from the other day. The key is in the mixing and matching of washes.

Shirt: Love Stitch
Jeans: Mossimo
Belt: Target
Shoes: Seychelles
Watch: Nixon

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