Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Joe Strummer Progress, More Paintings, & Aging

Here's an update of my Joe Strummer graphic illustration. Making progress! I have a ways to go on the bird, but I finally figured out how to attack the feathers. It's always hard to figure out how to replicate hair and feathers in a graphic illustration and it always hangs me up everytime. But I always figure it out eventually. At first I was working directly from a photo and trying to copy each individual feather. Which was taking forever. So then I decided to just look at the photo and make a couple of general feather shapes that I then copied and pasted throughout, saving time and making it look more cohesive actually. If that makes any sense. I like trying to explain my process, because I'm always wondering how other artists and designers are doing the cool things that they do. It does take away some of the mystique and glamor, but it's all about sharing the wealth of creativity and knowledge.

I've done about all the designing I can do for this night. It's off to bed for me. I gotta wake up at the crack of dawn to work on 8 million more design related things. I'll be glad when this busy month is over.  But also sad - because time is flying way too fast these days. How is it already October? I want to paint my lovely friends Krystal and Shauna, but Shauna is moving back to Italy in a week and I haven't been able to get down to San Clemente for a mini photoshoot with her and Krystal yet! These ladies are foxes. Perfect for my series. That will make three ladies I can add to the series that as of now is an all boys club. Now to just get the time to start on them. Not enough hours in the day to get everything done. And to top it all off I'm going to be 25 next month! When did that happen? I think 25 will be good though. Odd numbers are always better. I'm rambling. Goodnight.

- Amy
Listening to: "My Old Heart" by Anders Osborne

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