Sunday, June 5, 2011

Barber Shops, Meeting Rockstars, & Wearing Sunglasses At Night

INSPIRATION OF THE DAY: Fast Eddie's Barber Shop

This brand identity is by designer Richard Arthur Stewart for Fast Eddie's Barber Shop. I wish I created this logo/brand identity. It's soooo delicious. If I were a man I would definitely go to a barber shop and get my mustache trimmed and my hair pomade-d. Preferably at this barber shop. I found this great logo/identity while doing research for a new logo project I'm working on. 

I should get back to it because I've got a BBQ with Sweet later. That's right, you heard me, Sweet [See Fig. 1]. The very band that brought you "Ballroom Blitz." Jen and I met them on an airport shuttle on our way home from LAX this week. We had flown out to participate in our BFF's wedding (shout out to you Liz Logsdon - errr - Stevenson!). Not only did we meet Sweet on our travels, we also met LA DJ Skrillex [See Fig. 2]. He was so pleasant and nice and he's quite the DJ. He's worked with the likes of Deadmau5 and Lady Gaga. He started talking to us because he thought we were in a band and on our way to the same music festival as he was (greatest mistaken identity ever). Now that I think of it, Sweet also thought we were in a band. It was probably because we were wearing sunglasses at night and leather jackets. We were working on zero hours of sleep after an 11 hour flight delay, so give us a break. Having said that though, I've got to start wearing sunglasses indoors and at night more often now! Anyways, it was quite the adventure between the wedding and all the rockstar sightings. So good day to you good folks. Have a great Sunday fun day!

[ Fig. 1: Sweet back in the day.]

[Fig. 2: Skrillex]

- Amy
Listening to: Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz"

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