Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Retro Poster Design, More Logos, & How Zombies Are Like Totally The New Pink

 [Fig. 1: MM final logo (top center) with other options that were unused.] 

I've recently doing some work with my friend Kc's production company Modern Myth Productions. I posted a blog a while back with the progress of our logo design so I thought I'd post the rest of our progress as well as the final design. Our final logos were the simple MM (see Fig. 1) and then a more complex visual logo (see Fig. 2)

 [Fig. 2: MM final complex logo (top center) with our progression below.] 

They also had me design a poster for their podcast "We're Alive." It's a wildly popular podcast about zombies and the end of the world. Sounds epic right? It is. You can listen to it here and its FREE! Anyways, they wanted to make some posters up that had a vintage movie poster feel for the show. Like Mad Men retro style. Here's what we ended up with. 

 [Fig. 3: MMP Poster. ©Amy Hood] 

Speaking of zombies, I just saw the new video for Cage The Elephant's "Around My Head" which is hilariously good. Zombies... they're, like, so hot right now. Finally my hometown of Bowling Green, KY can be known for more than putting out Corvettes and Fruit of the Loom underwear. We can now say we put out a great rock n' roll band thanks to these boys. Enjoy...

Listening to: Cage The Elephant's "Around My Head"


  1. The poster turned out so good! You got talent girl :)

  2. Great choice on the final MM logo. The poster is fantastic!

  3. amy, the poster turned out awesome! way to go!! :D


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