Thursday, August 19, 2010

Whatever It Is It's Better In The Wind

I really want to go to this show tomorrow night. Instead, I'll probably be hunched in front of a bright computer screen, finishing up the magazine with my lovely co-worker at The OC Gazette Sara Wilkins. The life of an underpaid and overworked graphic designer in the publishing world. I'll definitely head up to LA to catch this even if I miss the opening though. This guy's photos are amazing. His name is Scott G. Toepfer and his project is called "It's Better In The Wind". He documented his cross country moto adventure with his friends and turned it into a photo essay that - well, just watch the video he created to learn what it is. His way of telling it is way more fun.

I'm definitely getting my grimy hands on one of the photo books he's selling of the project. I'll proudly slide it next to Danny Lyon's The Bikeriders on my bookshelf. I might even razor blade one of the pages out and frame it.

- Amy

Listening to: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's "Complicated Situation"


  1. The picture of the leather jacket bearing guy with his head cut off is cool

  2. Hey there smiley, If anyone understands your frustration, it's me!!! I do miss working with you and Jen. Maybe we will again some day. YOUR WORK IS ALWAYS GREAT. Ive been looking at some of your layouts and I love what Ive been seeing you produce. CIAO!


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