Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wally The Wordsmith, Illustrations, & LA Love

I've been working on some fun illustrations for my friend Blythe Hill of recent. She wrote 3 children's book for her Master's thesis and hired my sister, my friend Austin Ranson, and I to illustrate them. The book I am in charge of is called Wally The Wordsmith. It is a sweet, unique and magical story about a boy who lives in the shadow of his highly intelligent sister until he finds his inner talent - the ability to make up words that come to life. It takes place in a city zoo in California so I gave the zoo a vintage, old city zoo feel with rot iron intricate archways, old bar cages for the animals, and palm trees all over. Because it takes place in a place like LA, I also made the character's regionally accurate. Wally sports a striped tee, classic Vans, and cut off jean shorts. He is never without his skateboard, pencil and notepad. He is round on top with little chicken legs covered in band aids from his most recent skateboarding accident.

Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever seen a kids book that takes place in LA. Eloise was an ode to The Plaza Hotel in NYC. LA and SoCal deserve some lovin'. Maybe I can be the one to give it. The lovin' that is.

I'll post more later as I ink them in.

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