Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vampires, Zombies & New Poster Designs

I recently designed a set of posters for FUTEK Sensor Technology through my design company Hoodzpah Art + Graphics. They turned out pretty rad if I do say so myself. Yes, I am biased in the matter, but seriously, when the subject matter is vampires, zombies and mad scientists how could it NOT be interesting? You can check out the process and see them all up close and personal here. They turned the designs into e-banners for their site, postcards, and t-shirts as well. It's always great when a client gets so stoked on a design they just keep widening the scope of the project. Now it's back to work. It's crazy busy at Hoodzpah right now. We're designing 3 book covers, a CD package, 3 logos, one full fledged media kit, a t-shirt design for TRIBE, a blog, a 10 page editorial feature, illustrating 2 logos, and painting one painting of a T-Rex riding a tractor. Madness! But it's a blast and we're lovin' every minute. I miss painting amidst all this design. Here's where my portrait of Sara stands as of now.

It should be fun moving during all of this... while being sick. At least we'll be able to hear the soothing waves of Newport Beach and the distant honking of steam boat horns from the bay! Plus I found some great new bluegrass tunes to work to. Overall things are lookin' good.

- Amy
Listening to: "The Peacock Feather Medley" by Iron Horse


  1. Amy: I am thrilled to see you are designing posters. Terrific!

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