Monday, November 21, 2011

Hand-drawn Fonts, How Most Brush Fonts Suck & Pure Sex

Hoodzpah recently got hired to do some book covers and for one of the titles, Pure Sex, I busted out the old paintbrush and paint to create my own type face options. I wanted something gritty and grungy and sloppy. A type face that looked like something a teenage boy scribbled on a bathroom stall. Here's how it came out.

It's fun making your own type. Especially if you need a good brush font that's not orthodox or clean. If you want a gritty brush font you gotta do it yourself. All the ones on most sites that are reasonably priced blow. So far everyone I've showed likes number 3. The "x" is so free on that one. I sound like such a hippy but describing type is really difficult!

It's also really interesting how different the type faces look when reversed out on a black background.

Back to the grind. Going to take a quick break to work on my painting of Sara for my eyes' sake. After staring at a computer screen all day, you gotta take a break! Then it's back to working on illustrations for Wally The Wordsmith, a book I'm illustrating for the lovely Blythe Hill. Can't wait to post some of those sketches! Post later this week when the deadlines start to subside.

- Amy
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