Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Painting Sabatoge, DIY Earrings, & Special Agent Dale Cooper

[ Fig. 1: Foreground: Yours truly in my snazzy new DIY earrings (plus new sweater via Old Navy - I know, who'd of thunk?). Background: The painting with the dreaded halo as it stands now. ]

I've been on a Netflix spree of recent. I got tired of listening to music while I was painting so I started watching television shows. I re-watched all of "Twin Peaks" [see Fig. 2], which if you haven't seen your life is not complete. It's suspenseful, funny, and just plain weird. Well, it's David Lynch. So there you go. Next I'm conquering "Damages." Which looks really gnarly. Glenn Close is terrifying just to look at.

[ Fig. 2: Agent Dale Cooper (left) with Sheriff Harry Truman (right) of Twin Peaks. I have an unexplainable crush on Agent Coop. You will too, be you man or woman. Don't believe me? It's on Netflix Instant Watch. Just do it. ]

My painting is SO close to being done. A slight wrench was thrown into the machine when I ruined the halo [See Fig. 1]. I made it too small. I couldn't find anything bigger than the saucepan lid in my kitchen to use as a circular guide, and I thought it would be big enough, but alas it was not. I'll figure it out. I just had to walk away from it and cool my jets before I did something compulsive that I would later regret. 

 [ Fig. 3: Dangly, feather earrings. ]

So instead of painting last night, I got crafty and made some earrings. I used to have these great black feather earrings, but I left them somewhere. I wish I could remember where that somewhere was. So I decided to make some new ones. I bought feathers, silver chain, and ear hooks, and busted out my pliars and clippers. It only took about 30 minutes - if that. And voila - long, daingly, fun earrings [See Fig. 1 & 3]. I need my own show on HGTV.

- Amy
Listening to: Middle Brother's "Blue Eyes"


  1. Dangit, Jordo is looking good, the halo doesn't look small at all, its just one of those things that the artists notices but everyone else thinks it looks good. Smashing job!

  2. Thanks Gregerson! You're the man. #DesignersUnite


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