Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Awesome Tattoos, Hoarders, & The Ramblings of A Tired, Buzzed, White Girl

I found this photo on Pintrest today. Yes, I am a proud new member of I actually discovered it because people were pinning my Constellation Tattoo Posters on their pintrest boards. Pretty cool, eh? It's a great way to store ideas and inspiration! My "Inspiration Folder" on my mac is so unorganized and cluttered. It's worse than an episode of Hoarders in there. Pintrest is like hiring an organizing specialist... or one of those people who redoes your closet.

Crap. I just broke a nail trying to open my giant Redvines container. #WhiteGirlProblems
I digress.

Anyways... Pintrest is awesome. And I found this amazing photo of a sleeve. I cannot for the life of me find the tattoo artist. One of the downfalls of sites like tumblr and pintrest is that crediting authors/artists rarely happens correctly. I google searched my heart out to try and find the tattoo artist so that I could credit his fine work. But, alas, to no avail.

Oh wow. Demi Lovato just came up on my iTunes shuffle.
#Shame #WhenGoodPeopleListenToBadMusic #ItsTooDamnCatchy #WhiteGirlProblems
I digress yet again.
[Note to self: Never blog when groggy and at the bottom of your glass of vodka-and-mango/pineapple-juice.]

To wrap up this horribly dishevelled and unorganized blog (another metaphor for my inspiration folder? Bringin' it full circle, baby), this tattoo is amazing and it makes me want to get more, against my better judgment. I really think I will try and pick up tattooing. I think I might make a good tattoo artist.

- Amy
Listening to: Le Blorr's "Boy You Need Jesus" (To redeem me from the Demi Lovato reference.)


  1. Amy, it looks like you're probably looking for a French tatoo artist

  2. Yeah, they're definitely french... but that's all I got. I am a master googler too from my days doing recon for interviews at the OC Gazette! So sad.


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