Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Octopusses, Anchors & Josh Kerr

[ DJ Limbs logo by Edit 17: Intelligent Design]

[ Octopus digital illustration from a sketch. © Van Ong ]

[Little Anchor Posters © Alexa Cabellon ]

INSPIRATION OF THE DAY: Octopuses and Anchors

I was trolling the internet yesterday looking for tattoo inspiration with the soon-to-be-owner of some new ink. He wanted an octopus with an anchor - so classic. And not in the "really, you got that? How original" way, but in the "man that's so eternally classic and timeless" way. Big difference. Anyways I found some rad images of octopusses (octopi? Sara Wilkins, where are you when I need you for things like this?) and anchors that I threw in my inspiration folder for future use, and am posting here for your enjoyment. 

I've been insanely busy, so this will be a short post. I'll give you the nitty gritty on why I've been so busy and all the other crazy changes that are going on in my life a little later when I get time to stop and take a breath. Right now it's full speed ahead - and what a bright, bright future it is that lays ahead!

[ Josh Kerr. Photo © Carey ]

What else is inspiring me these beautiful sunny days? This surf video about Josh Kerr, The Kerrazy Kronicles. You can watch the first two parts of it here. This guy does such rad arials and flips. So does the other kid in it Asher Pacey. They just look like they're having so much fun out there. It makes me jealous that I have no balance and will never be able to do that. But I can watch this and dream. There's also a cool song in the film called "Chase Money" by Trouble Andrew. 

- Amy
Listening to: Tegan & Sara's "I Know I Know I Know"


  1. that 1st one is rad! looks like an octopus guitar, really cool. fab insp for this upcoming tattoo for your friend, you're so on it to make him a folder filled with ideas. still waiting on the ombre reveal....soon?

    keep going girl, sounds like the horizon ahead of you is brilliant brights. happy weekend. ♥

  2. Thanks Lynn! You're always so positive. :)


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