Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Design Playlist for The Day, Nick 13, & Joining A Rockabilly Band

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Random, but oh-so good. Also, presale for the new Nick 13 [see Fig. 1] album starts today and I am SO excited! His solo music was so good live. You can get a free download of "Carry My Body Down" here. Trust me - you want it.

[ Nick 13 in all his countrified glory. ]

I can't help it, I love rockabilly and bluegrass. Which reminds me that my oldest and dearest friend Liz Logsdon recently pitched the idea of us starting a chick bluegrass/rockabilly band - me on fiddle, Jen on keys and Liz on guitar, all of us sharing vocals in a lovely (but badass) three part harmony. Watch out music world - we're comin' for ya. The fact that she lives in Michigan and we live in sunny Southern California might pose a slight problem - but distance can't break this dream!  Currently at the top of our list of band name ideas is "Mama Liz and The Hoodlums," which is fairly close to the name of the band we always planned on starting in highschool - "Champion Liz and The Twin Posse". Even if we just play a seedy dive every time we reunite for a visit, that would be ok by me.

- Amy

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