Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Website! AmyHood.com

Hey Guys! If you're looking for me... I'm over on www.AmyHood.com now. I guess the Amy Hoods of the world are underachievers, because the domain name was wide open and ready for the taking! I plan to use it well. I've got a lot of cool projects in the works. so head over to the site, hop on and hold on to join me on my wild ride. (So cheesy.)


  1. Heading out this morning into the sun
    Riding on the diamond waves, little darlin' one

    Warm wind caress her
    Her lover it seems
    Oh, Amy
    Dreamboat Amy ship of dreams
    Oh, Amy
    Dreamboat Amy little ship of dreams

    Going down the city sidewalk alone in the crowd
    No one knows the lonely one whose head's in the clouds

    Sad faces painted over with those magazine smiles
    Heading out to somewhere won't be back for a while

    won't be back for a while
    won't be back for a while
    won't be back
    won't be back



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