Friday, October 28, 2011

Painting Progress, Masquerades, & Big Bear

[My painting setup. Picture for reference: check. Disposable pallette: check. Paints: check. Paint Brushes: check. Pirate Ship: Check. Mini Cutout of Joe Turpel: Check.]

I'm really cookin' on this painting of Sara. I've had a lot more free time recently, but I hope all my paintings go this fast from now on. Here are some photos of my progress. I haven't used any black in the painting until I did the eye today - and then I used it on the eye lashes and a little in the eyebrow. But I kind of like the look of painting without black. Forces you to see the color in the shadows.

Hopefully I'll get some more work on it in tomorrow before the Halloween festivities begin. Jen, Caroline and I are going to a masquerade and we're gonna dance our little feet off without shame since no one will know who we are to make fun of us. I hope they play "Ballroom Blitz." Then we're off to Big Bear! I had previously thought that I had never been to Big Bear. Turns out I went when I was 3. But this will be the first time that I remember, so I'm gonna make the most of it! Which mainly means I will be in search of snow wherever I can find it so I can sled, make a snow angel, and throw a snowball at Jen. It's gonna be great.

Happy Halloween all!

- Amy
Listening to: "Swept Away (Sentimental Version)" by The Avett Brothers

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